MWH0005 Scorpion vs Presley

Scorpion (67kg) takes on a fresh opponent in Presley (63kg) in a competitive pins and foot domination match. Pins and Foot-in-face moves must be held for a 10 count


Presley has one wrestling match under his belt (vs Amethyst Hammerfist MWH0002), but how will he fare against a bigger opponent?


After less than 4 minutes someone is breathing hard and looking very tired “I didn’t expect you to be so strong’ ahahahhaaaa don’t let Scorpion know that you are struggling!!


Halfway through someone even needs a refreshing spank on the butt to get them up off the floor


Pins: Cradle Pin, School Girl Pin, North-South Pin, Grapevine


Foot domination: Camel clutch, Armbar


The match is finished with a foot on chest, double bicep flexing victory pose


Scorpion wears black bikini bottoms with pink sports bra, black knee pads, bare feet with black toe nail polish

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