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MWH0006 Scissor School - Miss Mantis + Scorpion

Brand new girl on the scene - the never seen before - Miss Mantis (60kg) - Olympic weightlifter and runner - giving her those amazing huge thighs and big glutes


Miss Mantis is welcomed to Mixed Wrestling Heaven with a wrestling and scissor lesson from Scorpion


Today’s lesson - Positioning for front and reverse headscissor, reverse figure four, bodyscissors


Scorpion demonstrates the technique and then Miss Mantis gets to practice on their dummy.


Useful tips like ‘do a 180 on his face’ ‘show no mercy’ ‘aim for the floating ribs’ ‘do it until he makes funny noises’ ‘low energy for me - high pain for him’


They finish with a double scissor - headscissor and bodyscissor locked on


Miss Mantis wears black Nike booty shorts and camouflage print sports bra

Scorpion wears pink bikini bottoms and purple bikini top


*The lighting is bad in for this match so it has been discounted for that reason*

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