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MWH0008 - Scorpion vs Markus

Scorpion takes on Markus in a special rules wrestling match. Points can be scored with submission with scissors, a 10 second pin or a 10 second facesit.


Both Scorpion and Markus are 70kg so its a great size match-up. Who will win this special rules match?


Scorpion has worn her favourite facesitting pussy power underwear especially for the occasionIt takes less than a minute for Markus to experience his first facesit pin, will he be able to fight back?


Next up her devastating reverse headscissors, and rapidly followed by endless pins and scissors.


She taunts her opponent (and now victim) when it’s clear that he is getting nowhere…..are you going to start trying soon? Shall we see if you can get a point? Sadly for him the answer is a clear NO!


Even though he is a fit in-shape guy he is no match for Scorpions wrestling skills. After kicking his butt she makes him kiss her feet while she victory poses over him


If you love seeing girls with muscular thighs apply endless scissors and facesits you will love this clip


*Originally released on Strong Girls Rule*

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