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MWH0010 Real session - Scorpion dominates Part 1

Ever wondered what it’s like to session with Scorpion? Then this is the match for you.


Shot during her tour in Europe as she takes on a brand new opponent.


Her opponent tries hard to defend, even trying some attacks. But he gets nowhere.

Scorpion systematically wears him down, getting on top and staying on top for the entire session. Where she loves to be!!


After just 3 minutes she has him pinned on his back. Scorpion sits on his chest and taunts him ‘Can’t you get up?’ “Are you stuck?’ “Fight your way out like a man, this is embarrassing’ . Alternating between sitting on his chest and facesitting him for 5 minutes.


He desperately tried to get out from underneath her but fails again and again. She uses knees and elbows to apply pressure, working her way around his body with headscissors, bodyscissors, body triangle, anaconda choke, rear naked choke, full nelson, armbar, facesitting and kimura. Trash talking him as she applies hold after hold. Even taking time to victory pose to the camera as she facesits him towards the end of the match


Scorpion is completely relentless...indulging her sadistic side...he never stood a chance


Scorpion wears leopard print string bikini and black knee pads


*Please note this is shot on a fixed position tripod - but Scorpion knows how to show her victim off to the camera :o)*

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