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MWH0010 Real session - Scorpion dominates Part 2

Ever wondered what it’s like to session with Scorpion? Then this is the match for you.


Shot during her tour in Europe as she takes on a brand new opponent.


Part 2 of this session - The victim tries briefly to make a move. Failing miserably again, so it is time for Scorpion to take what she wants, punishing her victim for thinking he had a chance.


Slapping his face, then facesitting him while he struggles underneath her butt. You can really hear him struggling to breathe.


She makes him suffer in chokes, holding them on while he struggles to breathe


To add to his humiliation she schoolgirl pins him using only her legs, takes a drink of her water and spits it in his face


In the final 5 minutes of the session Scorpion forces him to worship her feet, tramples him, facesits and headscissors him some more. He is done!!


Moves used: Schoolgirl pin, front facesit, reverse facesit, reverse headscissors, camel clutch


Scorpion wears leopard print string bikini and black knee pads


*Please note this is shot on a fixed position tripod - but Scorpion knows how to show her victim off to the camera :o)*

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