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MWH0013 Wrestle til you drop -

Scorpion vs Stephon Round3 Part1

It’s time for a challenge! It’s time to Wrestle Til You Drop!


Scorpion (5ft 7″/170cm, 147lbs/67kg) has challenged Stephon (6’2”, 82kg) to a 3 round match. Frustrated by his inability to score a single point against Scorpion he has been working on his fitness and has even started training some BJJ. But Scorpion has been training lots too, can he ever close the gap...will he score that elusive first point?


This is a true test of skills and stamina, descending into an absolute sweat-fest


The rules:


Round 1 (MWH0011) - Submissions only - 15 mins

Round 2 (MWH0012) - Pins and Submissions - 15 mins

Round 3 (MWH0013 Part 1 & Part 2) - Pins and Submissions - NO TIME LIMIT!!! - Keep wrestling until someone gives in


You get to see a huge range of holds, pins and submissions over this epic, sweaty battle - headscissor, side headscissor, rear naked choke, anaconda choke, kimura, triangle choke, schoolgirl pin and lots, lots more


The rounds are released separately as MWH0011, MWH0012, MWH0013 Part 1 and MWH0013 Part 2


Scorpion wears leopard print bikini and black kneepads

Stephon wears blue spandex shorts

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