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MWH0014 Scorpion dominates Jordyn

Scorpion (5ft 7″/170cm, 147lbs/67kg)  is up against a ‘tough’ opponent, her skinny American friend Jordyn (5ft 7″/170cm, 140lbs/64kg).


To give him a chance she is playing a special rules match. Submissions via Facesit or Scissors, feet in face for a 10 count.


Enjoy watching her tap Jordyn out with a variety of holds - headscissors, LOTS of reverse headscissors, bodyscissors (easily reaching her muscular legs around his skinny body), arm bars, front facesit, reverse faesit. He is totally crushed by his bigger female opponent. She forces him to endure her feet in his face...he genuinely hates feet and she knows it….giving him the old camel clutch and foot combination with a very slow 10-count.


Scorpion spends the entire match in her favourite place…. on top!


Scorpion wears pink sports bra and black and white yoga pants / leggings.

Jordyn wears blue spandex shorts

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