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MWH0015 Inferno vs Bert -

Scissor, Facesit & Foot Domination Match

Bendy ex-gymnast and Taekwondo Black Belt Inferno (5ft 7.5″/172cm, 142lbs/65kg) takes the wriggly and energetic Bert (5ft 8″/174cm, 165lbs/75kg) in this special rules match. Points can be scored with a submissions via scissors, a 10-second facesit pin or feet in face for a 10 count.


The match starts very energetically on both sides. But Inferno can really get those long, flexible legs to appear from nowhere! And then superglue them to Bert’s face !!


Bert tries to attack Inferno from multiple angles but keeps getting trapped in her legs. The bodyscissors + headscissors keep coming.


The match soon turns into a whitewash. Bert tries to wriggle away but Inferno keeps coming at him, laughing at him while she destroys him.


Inferno has some spectacularly creative foot pins in this match. A must for foot fans!


Inferno wears blue spandex booty shorts and sports bra

Bert wears blue gym shorts

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