MWH0016 Scorpion at the dojo - Gi Fantasy Match

Scorpion is doing her stretches at the dojo, waiting for someone else to turn up to roll. Peter shows up but blatantly doesn’t want to stay and roll with a female!


Oh dear! He is going to get punished for that. Scorpion gets him on the mat and punishes him with her feet. Making him tap again and again, laughing at him and mocking him while she does it. After dominating him she grabs his hair and shoves his face into her soles, forcing him to kiss and worship her feet. Before rolling him onto his back to lick her soles clean.


Submissions used: lots of armbars, lots of gogoplata, camel clutch, foot choke plus a few creative non-jiujitsu foot pins


Scorpion wears white kimono/gi with leoard print sports bra

Peter wears blue kimono/gi

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