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MWH0020 Foot domination at Scorpion's gym

Scorpion enters the gym to find a nasty little pervert sniffing her socks and trainers. Gross!

So she decides to teach him a lesson. If he likes her feet that much, she'd going to cause him some serious pain with them!! She forces her smelly, sweaty gym socks into his mouth, putting him in wrestling holds, smothering and choking him with her big, beautiful feet. Finally she forces her foot (size 7 UK) into his mouth.


Holds used: Arm bar, omoplata, camel clutch, foot choke, triangle choke, headscissors, plus a variety of very creative foot-in-face yet-to-be-named manouvers!

Scorpion wears purple sports bra and bright multi-coloured leggings


Also released on Strong Girls Rule

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