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MWH0023 Inferno vs David - Foot Domination

The supremely flexible, ex-gymnast Inferno (5-8 140lbs) takes on David (6-1 174lbs) in this foot domination match. Feet in face for a 10-count to win a point.


This match starts from standing as Inferno is also a judo practitioner and wants to show off her throws.


Inferno has very, very sexy feet with lovely high arches. Let’s see if David enjoys having them shoved in his face to win points.


She pulls off some awesome armbars and gogoplata, plus some very special Inferno ‘how the hell has she got her foot there’ moves.


David really doesn’t like feet so Inferno victory poses over him and forces him to kiss her toes


Inferno wears black gi with bare feet and dark blue pedicure

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