MWH0026 Competitive Submissions Match

Scorpion vs Stephon

A fantastic, sweaty battle as Scorpion (66kg) takes on her old adversary Stephon (83kg) in this submissions only match. Stephon is absolutely dying to get a point against Scorpion. He has been training hard in the gym and learning some Jiu-Jitsu.

Stephon gets a poor attempt at a guillotine early in the match and asks 'do you submit'...Scorpion cheekily replies 'To what?'. He doesn't have the submission properly applied and she is going to teach him a lesson for thinking he had her so early on in the match

She treats him to some beautiful triangle chokes, wrapping her big thighs around him. He tries to resist, you hear him choking and struggling to escape.

Scorpion is being extra mean today. Elbows are shoved into the side of his face, knees dug into his chest, forehead driven into the side of his face. She is taking no prisoners!!

Later in the match Stephon has small hints of a good positions, getting on top a couple of times, he is learning! But...he is also getting tired due to the high effort he is having to make. Scorpion sense this and ups her pace with chokes and headscissors coming in

This is a great, sweaty battle. Scorpion's muscles are really pumped by the end of the match. show!!

Scorpion forces him to lie flat on the floor as she victory poses over him, foot on his throat</>

Scorpion wears grey skintight spandex leggings and grey + pink sports bra. Showing off her abs and muscular shoulders to perfection


Previously released on Strong Girls Rule

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