MWH0027 Blaze vs Bert - competitive submissions

Beautiful dancer/wrestler Blaze takes on Bert in a 15 minute competitive submissions match.  They shake hands and Blaze immediately takes Bert down to the mats, using those amazingly powerful legs to lock in a crushing thigh scissor.  Blaze may be smaller but she uses her speed and agility to seamlessly transition to a mount, before obtaining the first submission by headscissors less than two minutes into the match.


The second submission occurs even quicker, less than thirty seconds later with a wicked hammerlock/body scissors combination.


Blaze takes Bert to submission wrestling school proving to him that 13 is certainly his unlucky number, as she exacts submission after submission using a variety of holds including neck crank, D’arce Chokes, headscissors, rear naked chokes, body scissors and some unusual holds including a leg stretch and one submission wear Bert has no choice but to tap as Blaze’s muscular calf across his throat forces him to tap frantically.


Throughout the match Blaze goads him which at one point spurs him to a small flurry of offence wear he traps Blaze in a D’Arce Choke of his own, but it is short lived as agile as a cat Blaze escapes and is back on the attack.


At the end of the match during the punishment round, Blaze stands atop of his sweaty defeated form in a victory pose.


Blaze wears a black bikini top, shorts and is barefoot.

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