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MWH0028 Jiu Jitsu Trainer Dominates

Bruce turns up for for a Jiu Jitsu training session, but there is a problem he was expecting a male trainer and is instead greeted by Scorpion.  Bruce foolishly doesn’t believe that Scorpion will be able to handle him.


Scorpion feels his arms and doesn’t think it will be an issue, and berates him for not turning up in a Gi.


Scorpion talks him through the plan for the training session before demonstrating the first technique taking Bruce down to the mats and applying pressure with her shoulder, commenting that Bruce actually all that strong at all.


A triangle, and an armbar follow with Scorpion rubbing the soles of her feet over Bruce’s face as punishment for his comments about a female trainer.  A figure four headscissor has Bruce’s face going red and he taps immediately.  Scorpion doesn’t release immediately, and he’s quickly taking a trip to lalaland.


Scorpion uses her black painted toe nails to rouse him by rubbing them over his mouth.  He eventually comes to, but is quickly counting sheep again due to a rear naked choke, and woken again by those same feet.


Bruce is then placed in a camel clutch and whilst he is helplessly trapped Scorpion again punishes him by rubbing her feet on his mouth, before placing her hand over his mouth and sending him into blissful dreamland.


Bored of her useless trainee, Scorpion stuffs her entire foot into his mouth before smothering him with her hand one final time.


Bruce had best takes his training more seriously next time….


Scorpion wears a GI with bare feet and black painted toes nails.

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