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MWH0029 Gi Match - Leg attack - Scorpion vs Bert

Scorpion takes on Bert in this competitive match-up with the stipulation that submissions can only be attained by moves using the legs such as triangles, scissors etc.  


They lock-up in their GI’s and it's not long before Bert finds himself in trouble as Scorpion’s powerful legs extract the first submission via a headscissor.


Scorpion pauses to adjust her Gi and Bert pounces on to the attack.  The match is on, and Bert isn’t going to passively allow Scorpion to win easily.


It’s Bert’s male pride against Scorpion’s powerful physique, multiple submissions are scored all using the legs, and by the end one wrestler sits astride their opponent, sweaty yet victorious.


Scorpion wears a white Gi with bare legs, green leopard print sports bra and black panties

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