MWH0030 His 1st time  - Scorpion vs Swiss

It’s Swiss’s first time, so Scorpion decides to take it easy on him with a pins and scissors match.  Scorpion gives up a big size and weight advantage here but is unfazed, and within a minute has Swiss flat on his back and pinned for the 10 count.


The old adage size isn’t everything is certainly true in this case.  Swiss is given a lesson in pain as Scorpion repeatedly pins and scissors him, and he is completely destroyed, when asked at the end how the match went Swiss has to concede that it didn’t go very well as Scorpion sits on him following the final pin, while he lies in painful, red-faced sweaty defeat.


This is one hell of a first time for Swiss!


Scorpion wears a red wrestling singlet.

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