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MWH0032 Bondage Latex Domination Match - Scorpion

This is the second part of the match for the first part see MWH0031.


Scorpion sits on his face before dragging across the mats onto his back and ties his feet together.  Once he is fully bound she uses a reverse facesit to punish him further.  The latex has made her hot and sweaty and she forces him to lick the sweat from her arse and thighs.


Then it is time for him to lick the sweat from her feet and in between her toes, and then from her particularly sweaty cleavage.


Using more ropes she hogties him and then sits on his face again before making him worship her feet by kissing them, before wrapping her legs around his head and forcing him to whimper as she crushes his head like a melon.  The pain is etched across his sweaty face as she squeezes but there is nothing he can do while hogtied to escape until he blissfully passes out receiving a final slap across the face and being left tied in a fetal position on the mats.

Scorpion wears shiny latex top and shorts.

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