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MWH0033 Gi Foot Humiliation by Scorpion

Scorpion takes on a male challenger both wearing Gi’s on the mats, they touch fists and begin.  Scorpion takes him down and traps him in an armbar but it appears that she maybe cheating as whilst performing the painful move she rubs her feet over his face until he taps.


They start again and even though he is on top she manages to trap his arm again using her feet in his face to distract him and then choke him forcing him to concede another submission.


Repeatedly the larger male challenger finds himself tapping while his arm is wrenched and Scorpion’s feet are rubbed in his face or used to choke him.  He is even in a camel clutch and refuses to kiss her feet when she demands it.


More punishment is then inflicted with more foot chokes and armbars until eventually he is trapped in another camel clutch and forced to kiss her foot for his losing effort.


Scorpion wears a white gi with red painted toenails

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