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MWH0034 Lucrecia loves to dominate with her feet

A foolish smaller man takes on voluptuous BBW Lucrecia on the mats.  The size difference is obvious from the beginning as she effortlessly takes him to the mat in an armbar.  As her opponent is blatantly not going to offer her any real competition she decides to make him her plaything and punishes him for his feeble challenge by dominating him with her stocking covered feet.


She rubs her feet in his face and over his mouth while he pointlessly struggles to escape. She rolls him over onto his front, using her full weight to sit high on his back and once more forces her feet into his face while he whimpers.


A torrent of different moves are used including a camel clutch, more armbars and full weight sitting and on every occasion with a large grin on her face at the punishment she is inflicting Lucrecia punishes with her feet.


The end comes with a standing scissors using just her ankles while her pathetic male opponent is forced to kiss her majestic feet.


Lucrecia wears a blood red bra, black underwear and black hold up stockings

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