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MWH0035 Scorpion tricks + humiliates Bert

Scorpion and Bert have just finished shooting a video, and are going to chill and have a bite to eat.. After the cameras had stopped rolling, Bert was being a little bit cocky and was telling Scorpion that he could take her in a competitive match.  That was a tad foolish Bert, so Scorpion sets up a static camera on the floor and awaits Bert.


Bert enters the room and sits on the sofa, and is still talking big, that he thinks he could beat Scorpion.  So what does any self respecting female wrestler do?  Scorpion pulls him off the sofa by his foot to the carpet and within in a few seconds has Bert pinned with his arms trapped while she sits proud atop of him in a schoolgirl pin, before forcing him to tap out to a facesit.


Bert tells her that as she’s not filming it, it's pointless as he doesn’t wrestle for free, well got some news for you there Bert, because perhaps Scorpion is going to make you!


She traps him in a triangle choke, squeezing him tightly while they have a conversation where Bert continues to argue that now it wasn’t a fair start, Scorpion relinquishes the hold to give Bert a chance.


But he’s too slow and she pounces on him and Bert is trapped in a side bodyscissors before being trapped in a breast smother/grapevine combination that has him tapping again.


The match continues with Bert being punished repeatedly by Scorpion, these two have wrestled many times before and the  banter between them is a real highlight of this clip, but despite Bert’s bravado it was only going to end one way, as it always does when these two meet, with a Scorpion getting the tick in the win column and Bert flats on his back struggling for breath.


Scorpion wears black sports bra and underwear

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