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MWH0036 Real session - Scorpion vs Mark

If you’ve ever wondered what a session with Scorpion is like then this is the clip clearly demonstrates.  Mark has booked Scorpion for a wrestling match with pins to 10 count and submissions.


They begin in a Test of Strength which only ends when someone says “Mercy”, even though Mark is taller and heavier than Scorpion she surprises him with her strength and it's not long before he’s crying out “Mercy.”


Now they begin wrestling properly and Scorpion controls him and quickly sits on his face, locks his arms up and begins to count to 10 as she has Mark pinned.  Once she finishes counting he receives a belly punch as she announces the score.


Mark tries to put up some offence, but Scorpion has strength, experience and technique, and every time he tries to make inroads she locks him up and taps him out.  He makes the mistake after tapping out of kissing Scorpion’s foot without permission.  She locks him up again and makes him lick the dirt from the mat from them.


They continue wrestling, and Mark tells Scorpion she is going down ironically just before he is trapped in a headscissors, his face going red and tapping out to her powerful thighs.


Once Mark has conceded defeat Scorpion mercifully allows him to worship her feet as he kisses and licks her feet.


Session wrestling is great, harmless fun, and this clip shows how a session can be catered within limits to allow you to explore your fetish and fantasy.  For more information re sessioning with Scorpion or when she is visiting your city or country visit


Scorpion wears a leopard print sports bra and lycra black patterned yoga leggings and red toe nail polish.

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