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MWH0037 Singlet pins match - Scorpion vs Will

Scorpion takes on Will in a pins only competitive match wearing singlets.  Both competitors waste no time getting into the action, as Scorpion traps her male opponent in a tight headlock, using it to position herself in side control whilst Will struggles beneath her.  She nearly gets his shoulders pinned to the mat but he is able manage to lift them.  As side control isn’t working, Scorpion transitions seamlessly into full mount, moving herself up his body she sits astride his chest in a schoolgirl pin, and folds his arms above his head and scores the first pinfall, despite his desperate struggling and back arching.


The second round begins, and it’s obvious that whilst Will maybe smaller than many of Scorpion’s previous opponents, he his a game opponent, he is wiry and quick, and stronger than he looks.  Time and time again he frustrates Scorpion’s attempts to trap him in a pinning predicament, and Scorpion has to use her size, experience and BJJ training to control him.


A combination breast smother and grapevine pin nearly elicits a second fall, but like a slippery eel, Will manages to escape Scorpion’s clutches, but the constant exertion of trying to avoid being pinned as sapped his strength and a second application of the very same hold scores the second pin of the match.


The third pin comes quickly after the second as Scorpion surprises Will with a cradle pin, locking her strong arms together as she struggles in vain to escape.  He is covered in sweat from the constant struggle, and Scorpion’s superior conditioning is starting to come into play.


Mercifully, the fourth pinfall is also the last as a facesit pin finishes Will off allowing a slightly sweatier than usual Scorpion flexing above to be honest a worthy male foe for a change.


Scorpion wears a black singlet with grey toned muscle design

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