MWH0038 Gi KO - Triangle Challenge for Scorpion

In this special challenge video Scorpion has laid down the gauntlet to Bert that he will not be able to escape her triangle hold.


They start on the mats with Bert’s head firmly trapped in Scorpion’s triangle hold, and the challenge begins.  Bert is confident that it will be easy to escape, he couldn’t be more wrong.


Scorpion has challenged Bert to a Triangle Hold challenge.  Bert has to try and escape from Scorpion’s expertly applied triangle.  Someone should have told Bert that this was not his brightest idea ever.


His face begins to change colour as he struggles to escape Scorpion’s clutches, but he is learning quickly that there is no escape.


In the end the challenge ends when Bert unsuccessful in his attempts to escape, is unconcious and ko’d.


Better luck next time Bert.


Scorpion wears a white gi, with green leopard print bra, black underwear and purple painted toenails.

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