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MWH0039 Sativa dominates - Sadistic Submissions Match 

Sativa makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut as she takes on Deviant Dave in this submissions only wrestling match.  Deviant Dave likes to talk a hard game on Twitter, so Sativa walks into this match ready for a competitive challenge.


She couldn’t have been more wrong she obtains the first submission from the larger man in less than sixty seconds, and the match quickly escalates into a one sided rout with submissions into the double digits.


Sativa lets Deviant Dave know her disappointment by punishing him even further being slow to release holds, ignoring his taps at first and peppering him with body punches and stinging slaps.


The punishment is not just physical as Sativa verbally berates Deviant Dave at one stage telling him “You are just fucking shit mate”.


Amongst the multitude of submissions are arm bars, triangle holds, scissorholds, camel clutch


Sativa wears a leopard print bikini

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