MWH0040 Scorpion pins Dave - No mercy

Deviant Dave takes on Scorpion in a pins only match.  Things start off looking quite promising for the self-proclaimed leader of Team Deviant, he’s taller and heavier than Scorpion and takes control at the start of the match.  He takes the top position and tries to pin Scorpion


Scorpion is used to taking on heavier male challengers however, and gains control pinning the Deviant one down, it is obvious that she is technically more adept and more experienced.


Once she gains the top she sits on Dave and keeps him pinned for the rest of the match, sitting high up on his throat in a dominant school girl pin, and that’s where she remains for the rest of the match until Deviant Dave is forced to submit the entire match.


Chalk another one up in the win column to Scorpion.


Scorpion wears black sports bra and panties

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