MWH0041 Lucrecia - BBW Squash Match

Bert steps onto the MWH mats to take on BBW Lucrecia.  To be fair, Bert never backs down from taking on any female wrestler, but has definitely bit off more than he can chew with Lucrecia.  She towers above him and is certainly the heavier of the two.


This entire match is a one sided demolition squash match of Bert.  He is pinned, smothered with Lucrecia’s ample bosom and ass and scissored between her powerful thighs.  Bert is completely helpless and Lucrecia takes delight in squashing him.


By the end of this match, Bert is prone on the match after being headscissored to unconsciousness.


Lucrecia wears black bra and panties with silver pattern and black hold up stockings.

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