MWH0044 Judo Throws - Scorpion in the Dojo

Scorpion dons her GI to take on another male challenger on the MWH mats.  He’s immediately judo thrown to the mat and forced to tap out to an armbar whilst Scorpion’s perfectly pedicured feet are in his face.


This is a recurrent theme as try as hard as he can he is repeatedly thrown to the mats and forced to tap out to triangle chokes and armbars.  His frustration is etched across his face as Scorpion is just too strong and technically skilled for him to make any headway.


This frustration is only amplified when at the end of the match Scorpion forces him to worship her feet while he lays prostrate on the mats.


Scorpion wears a white gi, with pink sports bra and pink pedicure

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