MWH0047 Scorpion vs Bert - Competitive Gi Submissions Match

On paper Scorpion and Bert are evenly matched with only 3kg and 1 inch in height separating them in this fully competitive submission only wrestling match wearing Gi’s.


As the match progresses this is demonstrated in the grappling with the first submission not coming until after six minutes of sweaty combat.  As the match progresses the submissions become more frequent as one valiant grappler begins to tire, and the other’s superior conditioning comes into play.


The score maybe one sided by the end of the match but doesn’t demonstrate what an even contest this was, this is not the usual trouncing.  Both wrestlers have given their all as demonstrated by the sweat pouring off of their bodies.


Unfortunately for the loser they must suffer the indignity of being tied up with their own Gi as punishment for losing this highly fought competitive match up.


Scorpion wears a white Gi with turquoise leopard print sports bra and black briefs.

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