MWH0051 Student humiliates Sensei - Judo throws and Foot Domination

Inferno is judo student attending her first training session with a new Sensei.  What he doesn’t know is that the ravishing redhead is actually quite skilled which becomes apparent when he finds himself flat on his back following a hip throw and forced to tap out.  But when did rubbing your feet on your Sensei’s face become part of judo.


It’s ok the Sensei was obviously caught off guard or was he?  Time and time again he finds himself judo thrown to the mat then trapped in an armbar and forced to face the indignation of having Inferno’s perfect feet rubbed in his face and across his mouth.


He begins to get a tad frustrated as this “student” is making him look foolish. But perhaps he should have retained his calm, as it does not help him as he is thrown about, forced to tap, and in the end worship her feet.


Inferno wears a white gi, with black crop top and purple painted toenails.

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