MWH0052 Punished for stealing from the gym - Face trample

A particularly stupid donkey has made the idiotic decision to attend Scorpion’s gym for the first time, and then steal from her.  Anyone would tell you that this is a not a clever move, and secondly even more ridiculous when you don’t make your getaway fast enough.


Scorpion goes to her backpack and discovers the theft, and irate goes in pursuit of our dim-witted donkey, catching up with him on the stairs she forcefully returns him to the gym for his punishment by his big ears.


There she teaches him a lesson by forcing him to worship her feet, sucking her toes, and kissing them clean.  

Once they have been cleaned to her satisfaction she then proceeds to stand on his chest and his head punishing him for his indiscretion, not satisfied Scorpion retrieves some handcuffs restraining the thief, while she continues to trample his his head and chest.


This stupid donkey will think twice before trying to steal from Scorpion again.


Scorpion wears a white Gi, with black sports bra and purple pedicured toe nails.

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