MWH0053 Goddess Anat vs Bert - Competitive Mixed Wrestling

From Los Angeles, California blonde bombshell and certified bad ass, Goddess Anat makes a visit to the UK and takes on MWH regular Bert in this competitive mixed wrestling match.


There is a small problem here as this match, although meant to be competitive turns into a rout as Goddess Anat steamrolls through Bert like a hot knife through butter.


Bert is just simply overwhelmed and overpowered by the American wrestler who is so unimpressed with the British competition she is pitted against that she takes every opportunity to perform victory poses flexing.


Bert is subjected to facesitting, schoolgirl pins, chokes and scissorholds as Goddess Anat cruises her way to a decisive win.


Goddess Anat wears neon pink lycra sports bra and black panties

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