MWH0054 Laken vs Jon - Competitive Mixed Wrestling

Toned Jon takes on dancer, Laken in a competitive mixed wrestling match.  This is a truly competitive match and Laken is required to use all her skills to subdue a heavier and more powerful Jon.


Before the wrestlers step onto the mat, there is a brief interview with each fighter and both seem confident in chalking a tick in the win column.


Once they step foot on the mats, Laken’s powerful legs come into play as she uses them to control Jon, scissoring him in an attempt to try and sap his strength.  The beautiful brunette squeezes her powerful thighs earning her submissions, but Jon fights back and stretches out Laken in a grapevine pin to for the ten count.


It is a rare thing indeed for the men to get on the scoreboard at MWH but Jon does it as Laken’s toned dancer body is powerless to escape.


And now the match is well and truly on will Jon achieve what no-man to step into the MWH studio before him has done, and get the win, or will Laken keep the clean sheet for the ladies.


After this hard fought match there is a post fight interview


Laken wears a striped thong bikini

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