MWH0058 Inferno vs Max

Inferno (5’7” 64kg) takes on Max (5’5” 54kg) in a competitive submissions only match with a 20 minute time limit.


Max appears quite tentative (and perhaps a little bit starstruck, this is the legendary Inferno after all) and the experienced redhead takes full advantage of it, trapping him repeatedly between her super strong legs.


Max frustrates her efforts as he appears quite resilient even when trapped in a nasty leg armbar and then a headscissors, but he has no option but to tap.


Max finds himself trapped in scissorholds, rear naked chokes, armbars and a leg nelson which delights Inferno as she wriggles her feet in his face.


Sweat drips from his body as she struggles in vain to fight off the talented Inferno (who hasn’t even broken a sweat).  He does take her back on one occasion but she manages to escape, and Max doesn’t really offer her any problems and the final score is very one sided in Inferno’s favour.


Max wears navy blue speedo swimshorts

Inferno wears a blue & black patterned sports bra and shorts


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