MWH0059 Mia Annabella vs Fresh Meat

Two debutantes step onto the MWH mats as brash American Mia Annabella (5’3” 130lbs) takes on Marky (6’ 80kg) square off in a twenty minute submissions only match.  On paper this looks like a massive mismatch which Marky should win hands down.


There is one small problem, Mia has one of the strongest pound for pound scissorholds in the industry as poor Marky is about to find out as he taps in under sixty seconds trapped between those insanely powerful legs.


Although at times Marky’s sheer size poses Mia some problems there is no hiding the fact that this turns into a rout as time and time again his face red and sweaty Marky has to submit whilst trapped between the Miami native’s powerful legs.

But it’s not only her scissorhold that Mia is renowned for, she is also one of, if not the best trash talkers in the industry as she piles on the misery to Marky’s ego not just by the number of taps but from being constantly smack talked by little Mia.


The big man’s humiliation is only over when Mia plants a hard knee to his gut as she flexes smiling above his defeated frame.


Mia wears a leopard print sports bra and leggings

Marky wears a black tank top and black shorts.


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