MWH0061 Avenger Max - Smothers Match

Beautiful FBB Avenger Max makes her Mixed Wrestling Heaven debut as she takes on solid Russ in a competitive smothers match.


Russ is determined not to lose again, and to avoid getting smothered at all costs.  Straight from the off things do not going according to plan for Russ as Avenger traps in a bodyscissors wrapping her powerful legs around him and pulling his head into her breasts to smother him, cutting off his oxygen and turning his face red.


Things do not improve for Russ as Avenger completly overwhelms and dominates him, this fitness competitor is just to strong and powerful.  She sits on his face, clamps her hands over his mouth and smothers him with her kneehigh sock clad feet, sapping his strength as he fights to catch his breath,


There is only one way this “competitive” match is going to go and the match ends with Avenger sat on his face in victory, also included is a bonus interview where Avenger continues to sit on his face throughout the interview.


Avenger wears a red lycra thong swimsuit with knee length white gym socks

Russ wears black lycra cycling shorts.


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