MWH0062 Madison Swan vs David - Mixed Submissions Match

Filmed during our US tour, Madison Swan (a very lean and muscular 5’5” 120lbs) takes on David (6’1” 165lbs).  There is an obvious weight and height difference but both competitors are very confident. Madison immediately uses her quickness to her advantage trapping the lanky Brit in a body scissors followed by a grapevine but is unable to force the stubborn Englishman to tap.  


All the while Madison talks trash attempting to beat him psychologically as well as physically and whilst he fights back verbally there is nothing he can do against the ultra fit American with her washboard stomach and strong legs.


It takes a while, but once the first submission by reverse Kimura/bodyscissors combo is conceded the taps start flowing as one competitor simply outclasses their opponent.


The scissorholds do the majority of the work here, but grapevines, rear naked chokes and even a figure four leglock help clock up the score. And the trashtalk continues throughout.


One competitor is out on the mats whilst the victorious winner flexes with one foot on their chest.


Madison Swan wears a halter shiny turquoise spandex bikini

David wears navy blue lycra Speedo Jammers


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