MWH0063 Sativa vs Judoka - Competitive Submissions Mixed Match

Sativa (5’7” 68kg) takes on Judoka (5ft 8 72kg) in a competitive submissions match of contrasting styles of BJJ versus Judo.


If you’ve seen Sativa in action before (and if you haven’t see the links at the end of the description) you should know that she should really be called “Sadista”.  She is an unrelenting and unforgiving opponent who is not only technically skilled but extremely powerful with a cruel streak.


Although the match starts off in typical Sativa fashion with her swarming her bearded opponent and scoring some submissions, surprisingly this does not go all her way with Judoka able to control and slow Sativa’s scoring tally down for a portion of the match.


Scissorholds, kimura, armbars and triangle chokes are all used in this sweaty technical bout, the winner makes the loser pay for making them work for it, by subjecting them to a camel clutch punishment and making them kiss their feet.


Sativa wears a patterned neon green lycra micro thong bikini

Judoka wears black tshirt and shorts.


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