MWH0065 Sadie Holmes Scissors Him into Submission

If you are a fan of prolonged scissorholds being applied by a smoking hot pornstar in a tiny bikini, then this clip is tailor made for you!


Beautiful American, Sadie Holmes is lounging on her bed, and calls in her male victim.  She immediately wraps her perfect legs around his head in a prolonged headscissors nearly crushing his skull.


He doesn’t fare any better when he is trapped in a body scissors, reverse headscissors or in a standing headscissors.  This is pure scissorhold domination, as Sadie’s strong legs inflict pain until he can take no more and is left lying on the bed, while she struts off satisfied with a job well done.


Sadie Holmes wears a pink and white polka dot micro thong bikini with yellow trim

The victim wears grey workout shorts.


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