MWH0067 Ivy Scissor Destruction in Spandex Catsuit

We begin with Brazilian Bombshell, Ivy barefoot on the mat in a figure hugging spandex catsuit stretching out.  A foolish man enters the room and compliments her, and tells her that she shouldn’t have got dressed up for him, Ivy informs him that she dressed up for herself and not for him.


A irked Ivy, forces him to his knees and plants a knee in his chest whilst stretching out his arms, something tells us that this male idiot should have kept his mouth shut.


Ivy sits on him in a schoolgirl pin before applying a deep armbar planting her bare feet on his face.  She transitions into an headscissors squeezing her powerful thighs around his head nearly popping it off.


What follows is a clear demonstration of her power and technical expertise as she dismantles this much larger male.  Ivy applies numerous scissorholds both head and bodyscissors interspersed with arm bars, joint locks and facesitting, and takes every opportunity to force him to worship her bare feet.


When she is bored with her plaything she forces him to kiss her feet, this is cruel and delightful scissorhold domination coupled with foot worship, Ivy at her best!

Ivy wears a shiny silver patterned spandex catsuit with bare feet

The victim wears a black t-shirt, black jeans and socks


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