MWH0069 KatMax vs Russ - Competitive Submissions Match

Two powerful units step onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats as amazon Kat Max (5’9” 86kg) takes on Russ (5’8” 82kg) in a competitive submissions match.


Things look quite promising for Russ at the start as he wins a pre-match armwrestle, once the match begins it turns into a evenly matched competitive affair and one wrestler manages to keep top position for the majority of the match. Frustrations begin to show as it proves very difficult to score a submission.


Kat’s powerful legs manage to score the first submission in this low scoring bout with a tremendous body scissors as she uses her powerful muscular legs to inflict punishment on a resilient Russ.


Facesits, grapevines, chokes and more scissors are utilised as  these two powerhouses battle it out across the mats.


But only one wrestler can get their hand raised in victory is this tightly contested battle.


Kat Max wears a long sleeved black lycra leotard

Russ wears green board shorts


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