MWH0070 Bella Ink lifts him with Her Feet

In this especially produced custom clip sexy American Bella Ink demonstrates not only her incredibly strong legs but also her exquisite feet, toes and soles.


She has a male victim at her mercy as she uses her beautiful and pedicured feet to lift him including placing him against the wall planting her feet on his balls and lifting him high.


Bella’s willing victim gets strangely aroused as the mixture of pain from being lifted by his testicles and pleasure at the feeling of her sexy feet lifting his crotch.


There are plenty of close-ups of Bella’s sexy soles and feet for all your foot fetishist out there.

If you are interested in your own custom video please get in touch, but in the meantime enjoy this custom foot domination clip.


Bella Ink wears black adidas lycra leggings, with neon orange lycra sports bra, and beautifully pedicured bare feet


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