MWH0071 Amazon Bad Morrigan makes her wrestling debut

6’2” Amazon Bad Morrigan has her first wrestling match ever as she steps onto the MWH mats to take on journeyman Bert.


The import from Ireland, Bad Morrigan towers above Bert as they compare statistics and although she has been a Dominatrix for the past six months, she has never wrestled.


Does this mean that Bert may have a chance against the debutant?


Does it hell!  The moment those insanely long legs wrap themselves like pythons around Bert’s frame he is doomed, Bad Morrigan’s disadvantage in experience is negated by the power in her legs.


Her 6’2” frame demolishes Bert as he is repeatedly trapped and scissored by Bad Morrigan until he is a lifeless heap of flesh on the mat as she sits on his face to seal her victory.


As a bonus we are including an interview with Bad Morrigan to introduce herself to the scene.


Bad Morrigan wears an animal print top over a black strappy bra, black shorts and rippedd black pantyhhose


Bert wears grey shorts


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