MWH0072 Goddess Anastaxia dominates him with her feet

The radiant Goddess Anastaxia is waiting to give a BJJ lesson, her new student enters and things get off to a bad start as he comments that he was expecting a man to train him.


For being a chauvinist she decides to teach him a lesson he will never forget.  She instructs him to go down to the mat and traps him in an armbar whilst she uses her perfectly pedicured feet to obstruct his windpipe sending him to sleep.


She rubs her feet over his face and slaps his face with her soles to rouse him.  She then chokes him out again with her feet, a process which she repeats using a variety of techniques.


The beautiful blonde then decides to get her student to worship her feet kissing them and even punishes him by inserting over half of one perfect foot down his throat.


Perhaps next time he won’t underestimate a woman or make chauvinistic remarks.


Goddess Anastaxia wears a white GI with red pedicured bare feet.

The student wears a black t-shirt and black board shorts


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