MWH0073 Tomiko vs David - Submissions Match

A transatlantic battle as the veteran Tomiko (5’4” 138lbs) gives up a significant height and weight advantage as she takes on David  (6’1” 165lbs) in a competitive submissions match.


Whilst this is billed as a competitive submissions match this turns out to be anything but, as veteran Tomiko takes David to school.


She traps him repeatedly in inescapable bodyscissors, headscissors and triangle scissors pouring on the pressure and pain to score the submission.


The raven haired beauty sits on his face and trashtalks him during his humiliating rout.


David is at Tomiko’s mercy, unfortunately for him she has none, as he is left prone on the mats following this lesson in destruction by pure feminine power.


Tomiko wears an animal print lycra swimsuit

David wears navy blue Speedo jammer shorts


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