MWH0074 Sativa - Karate Beatdown

It is a foolish man who enters the dojo of Sativa uninvited but this is exactly what a foolish man does.  Any hopes of remaining undetected are dashed as the sadistic queen Sativa is practising her karate when she spots the would-be thief, and boy is she going to make him pay for his stupidity.


She peppers him with heavy kicks to his chest and head before throwing him down to the mats and rains even more kicks to his already sore body.


Picking him up she slams him into the wall and demonstrates her flexibility by standing on one  leg and choking him with the other foot. The poor idiot doesn’t seem to be appreciating her perfect form as she commands him to lay on the mats.


Sativa continues to rain kicks on the inept thief and chokes him with her feet some more, before standing on his face, and forcing him to smell her feet.


He will think twice before attempting to break into the sadistic Sativa’s dojo again!


Sativa wears a white gi with a speckled black and white sports bra

The thief wears a charcoal t-shirt and shorts


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