MWH0076 Scorpion in gi and pantyhose - tomoe nage throws and foot domination

Scorpion and David step onto the mats for a GI Match.  Scorpion already destroyed him in MWH055 in a BJJ vs Kung-Fu match up, but David thinks he has more of an advantage in a GI match.


We got some news for you David, Scorpion has other ideas!


The redhead used Tomoe Nage throws to toss David around the mats with impunity, she traps him in painful arm bars and triangle chokes.


Distinctly unimpressed she decides to add insult to injury by rubbing her pantyhose clad feet over his face repeatedly.  She chokes him out and forces him to smell her sweaty feet.


There is little David can do but endure the humiliation, even when he is splayed on the mat in his inevitable defeat and Scorpion poses above him her foot on his face.


Scorpion wears a Blue GI top with a navy sports bra underneath, black thong and Platino cleancut 15 nude shiny sheer to waist with reinforced toe pantyhose.


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