MWH0078 Kassidy - Total Mixed Wrestling Domination

A new male challenger steps onto the Mixed Wrestling Heaven mats, unfortunately for him we’ve chosen the Amazonian Kassidy as his first opponent.


As any fan of Kassidy’s knows this is not going to end well for her plucky opponent.  He is slightly taller and heavier than Kassidy, but this will not help him against the more experienced wrestler with insanely powerful legs.


Everything starts off quite cordially enough and they even share some laughter, but imperceptibly the smiles become a bit more forced as the realisation hits that he is in for a world of hurt.


Kassidy is relentless making him tap at will to scissorholds, armbars, breast smother, facesits, camel clutches and more.


Kassidy takes a cruel delight in torturing her victims and this match is no exception as she thoroughly enjoys herself hurting, tormenting and belittling her male victim.


At the end she forces him to kiss her feet, and notches up another win against a male challenger.  Kassidy and her amazing strength and powerful legs wins again.


Kassidy wears a black lycra sports bra and shorts

The male challenger wears a black tshirt and shorts


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