MWH0082 Mistress Amrita dominates with her feet

Judo Blackbelt, Mistress Amrita welcomes Russ to her dojo and doesn’t waste any time in telling him that if he is not good enough he will suffer the consequences.


The Japanese legend takes Russ to the mat and wastes little time trapping him in a headscissors, and when he is not strong enough or skilled enough to escape she punishes him by putting her feet on his face.


She cannot believe how weak Russ is for such a big man, and uses her feet to punish him sitting on his chest and controlling his head with her feet.


Scissors, armbars, kimura and very long camel clutch with his face buried in her feet is just some of the punishment and humiliation that Russ is forced to endure.


A distinctly unimpressed Amrita leaves him flaked out on the mats with one foot rammed into his mouth whilst she celebrates her victory.


Mistress Amrita wears a white gi with silver pedicured feet

Russ wears a white gi


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