MWH0083 Chloe Davis beats down Karate Man

This specially produced custom clips features Chloe Davis repeatedly beating down a Karate man with chops and forcing him to endure foot domination.


The scene begins with Karate Man hurt on the floor his eyes wide open looking straight at her toes his eyes wide open. All he can see is her toes, he now hardly gets up sit on the floor and ready to attack her, He attacks she blocks his hand and karate chops his neck. He falls with his eyes right front of her toes. Chloe Davis puts hands over waist looks down at him and says “first man karate chopped”.


In the next scene Chloe Davis walks in the room and Karate Man is practicing karate.  They slowly exchange some hi kicks and chops she chops him,she is in no rush and waits, he makes a big mistake and throws a heavy punch at her she goes sideways grabs his hand twist it and judo flips him on the floor and put her toes on his mouth and inside his nose. He grabs her ankle and feet to let go but she twists his wrist more and he can’t get her foot off his mouth.


The next scene sees Karate Man practicing karate she walks in very slow gets very close to him, they bow to each other and they circle around each other very slowly. They exchange some slow hi kicks and chops at each other.  Chloe Davis slaps him with back of her hands few times he gets dizzy fall on the floor and now she karate chop his stomach like a knife finish.


In the final scene Karate man is once again practicing karate as Chloe Davis walks in, shows him her karate badge and tells him you are under arrest. Then they exchange hi kicks, she  keeps hitting him repeatedly in the knee then hi kicks to the face or body, he guards his face then she keeps hitting him in the knee and visa versa. Finally, she goes to the side and hits him in knee and completely breaks his knee but he pretends nothing has happened and guard his face but she knows he is finished. She now spread her legs way open like and bows him way down, he tries to hold on but has no choice but to bow him and right after the bow he falls on the floor hard hold his broken knee. She says “looks like we have a broken knee.”


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Chloe Davis wears a black lycra thong leotard and with black 40 denier pantyhose

Karate Man wears a white GI


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