MWH0084 Lady L vs Bert - Submissions Match

It’s a transatlantic battle of the sexes as new comer Lady L from the USA and her 27” thighs take on journeyman Bert from the UK.


Bert is as usual is his ever confident cocky self, he has vastly more wrestling experience and believes he is going to dominate and defeat the rookie Lady L.


If the fact that Lady L’s Twitter handle is “SadisticCoach” wasn’t a warning sign, then the ease in which she defeats Bert in their initial armwrestling competition should have sounded alarm bells for her British male challenger.


What occurs next is a complete rout as Lady L uses her muscular physique to basically have her way with Bert.  She throws him around the mat with impunity and ravages his body repeatedly with those astounding 27” thighs.


Lady L constantly trash talks and is clearly taking great delight in demolishing her cocky challenger.  She even takes time to flex her impressive biceps and poses and there is little Bert can do but take the punishment.


Her sadistic streak surfaces as she ignores his taps and submissions, and isn’t satisfied until he is completely lifeless on the mats courtesy of a prolonged headscissors.


Lady L wears black Nike Pro lycra sports bra and shorts

Bert wears grey shorts


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